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Saturday, October, 6

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Perfect is the enemy of good

Lyndie, Arizona

I first met Nadja at a Tribal Dance class she was teaching in Sedona. I was very apprehensive about taking a dance class, being 62 years old, and having never taken any dance classes! But Nadja just had a way of making us all appreciate our individual beauty. I felt so comfortable with her, I took a series of private lessons, which helped me improve my skills much faster. I would highly recommend Nadja. She is a very giving teacher and the spiritual aspects of her shine through in her dance expression. If she were in Sedona now, I would be studying with her! Thank you Nadja for helping me to express a hidden side of myself! Lyndie Modica


Laura, Madrid 

When thinking about letting go of life's struggles, I often sense a gap between theory and practice. Bridging it is a great challenge. The thoughtful, caring advice of the Nadja has provided me with a lasting sense of the extent to which we have the power to shape our own lives, and in so doing live more wholesomely. 

Karina, Miami

Owning a couple businesses and raising a teenager is incredibly stressful. Ever since I met Nadja and started taking Ayurveda & Yoga private consultations, I've learned to relax in even the most difficult situations. Ayurveda has taught me things about the way my own body works. I highly recommend that everyone gets to know Nadja and Ayurveda.

Zora, Switzerland

Dear Nadja, we did 3 Women’s Transformation Sessions through Ayurveda and Yoga Philosophy and Meditation together and they have given me a lot. They helped me reach clarity in all the areas I needed to find it. Since then, I am feeling better and more relaxed in terms of my future. I have energy again to continue and I am very grateful to you for this. Many thanks and I wish you a lot of joy with this work going forward. I will recommend you to others, you are a very nice person to be around and I felt comfortable with you from the first moment even though we had never met before and we did the sessions online. This also made our sessions much more beautiful.