Let us learn to receive and share!!

We believe in support and that noone is self-made.


Every member of our Tribe has the possibility to act as a Mentor for other Sisters. 

Sometimes, we would like to receive advise from someone we can trust but is outside of our circle of friends and family. This is what you can find here.


We strongly believe in mentorship for every aspect of our lives. Our philosophy is: women of all ages and backgrounds can be Mentors to women of all ages and backgrounds :). As a mentor, your do not always have to have an answer right away. Sometimes it is enough to just be there for someone so they know that they are not alone with their insecurities and doubts.


Just contact one of our Members who has the Mentor box ticked in their profile. 

They are happy to support you with any and all questions you may have about life and business. They are also free to decline a request if they do not have enough time to take on new Mentorees.