MARCH 18-22




Do you want to feel beautiful - inside and out?

 Join us!

Women need real moments of me-time 

to understand themselves and their needs better and to balance how much of ourselves we give away.

What to expect from a Sisterhood Retreat?

Women forget how much we can inspire one another,

noone understands us like us. 

Alex Elle

Do you need some me-time? Some time just to yourself to reconnect to your feminine wisdom, other women from around the world, nature, and creativity?

Our Sisterhood Retreat here in the tropical paradise of Miami will give you just that. Come and recharge your energy, your mind, body, and soul with the healing feminine practices of Yin Yoga on the Beach, Temple Belly Dance, Ayurveda & Whomb Wisdom Rituals. This retreat is about letting go of our busy lives, the pressure of every day, and all our daily chores. It will be about enjoying nature and sensual pleasures, reconnecting with our creativity and intuitive women's wisdom through the beautiful smells of essential oils, candles, soothing music & movement, and introductions to herbs, the Ayurvedic diet, self-care rituals, Ayurvedic CEO of the Mind approach, and much more. 

No prior knowledge of anything required.


Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word which translates to Science of Life.

It is the 6000-years-old (!) Sister Science of Yoga and an ancient natural healing system where health is defined as the balance of the mind, body & spirit system.


Why is it so important?

It is one of the best tools for self-knowledge and preventative medicine. It will teach you how to heal yourself and help you understand yourself and your individual mental, emotional, and physical challenges better. In Ayurveda, it is believed that everyone is different and therefore needs different ways of healing. Together we will establish your current Ayurvedic disbalance and work out an individual approach to bringing back balance into your life. Ayurveda is 100% natural.




Yin Yoga 

5 Senses Mindfulness


Fusion Belly Dance

Temple Dance

Yin Yoga



Whomb & Temple Wisdom Rituals

Yoga on the Beach

Sisterhood Circle


Our venue - Inhale Miami

Schedule, Pricing & Logistics

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri

9.00-12.30  Sisterhood Retreat

12.30-13.00 lunch

13.00-15.00 Sisterhood Retreat


8.30-11.00 Nature Day

Sisterhood Retreat Outdoors

17.00-19.00 Sisterhood Circle & Yin Yoga on the Beach and Dinner with the Miami ladies

And let's have a pool party at my place one day :)!


Nadja Theodora


 "I cannot wait to share all these juicy things with you!"


Choose a hotel in Midtown around where Target is for vicinity (4 min drive by uber/lyft) of Sisterhood Retreat Location and safe area.


For your air travel from Europe, we recommend Air Europa. The retreat will be confirmed on Februar 1, please don't book anything until then. But apply now!


Included in your package:


- Free analysis of your current Ayurvedic dis-balance (Vikriti) with individual recommendations for your diet, your lifestyle etc.

- 27.5 hours of Yoga, Dancing, Ayurveda, Meditation        

- Written material supporting everything we talk about during the retreat so you can revisit exercises etc.

- A little natural gift just for you


Value: 1450 dollars


798 dollars


for Members

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Application deadline: January, 31



"Bring your Girlfriend" and you each get 150 dollars off!

"Early bird" apply until Jan, 15, 2019 and you get 100 dollars off!

"Community Love" contact me to find an agreement if you cannot afford this retreat (limited availability)

Please note: discounts are not cumulative. If you qualify for 2, you will get the higher discount off.