About #notselfmade

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

#notselfmade is our little counter movement platform, we got bored with all the declarations of "self-made millionaire" and "self-made entrepreneur" - so we decided, we all desperately need a change of perspective! Check it out here. I believe we are stronger together. I believe in community, in accepting help, and being able to receive to grow. In life and in business. This is why I built this tribe.

SO… who has helped you along the way? Today is a good day to be grateful.

Whom do you want to thank today?

What are you grateful for? Share it with us here and, if still possible :), share the link to the person you want to thank.

If you want to become a part of the movement and help an NGO, get your fashionable statement t-shirt here.

Here is my little piece of gratitude:

“I would like to thank my mum who has always believed in me and has always been there for me with so much love. She had me at 21, became a single mum soon after, and was struggling financially throughout my entire childhood. Nonetheless, she has given me all the freedom that I needed growing up to forge my own path. I would also like to thank my granddad who has already passed away. He was one of the biggest sources of love and laughter for me. He had his own garden and was a passionate family photographer and truck driver by profession. He will always be in my heart. And I have overflowing gratitude for my wonderful dance teacher who has guided me towards discipline in dance and life, has taught me how to be self-confident from within and has showed me what it means to be a strong, loving, and creative woman at any age."

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