"First Partner" instead of "First Lady" in the name of gender equality

Having worked in the language field for over a decade and now being in the field of advertising, I can attest to the fact that even subtle changes of language can have a huge impact on social change.

That is why I am super happy about today's news that Jennifer Siebel Newsom, an award-winning filmmaker and the wife of new California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), is taking a different title in the name of gender equality. 

Gender equality is one of the UN's Sustainable Development goals and also one of the goals of our Sisterhood Tribes network. While we have already achieved a lot, there is still a long way to go until all genders (and I don't only mean "men" and "women" here) are treated equally around the world.

Little steps like this help us all move into this direction and become more aware of where the deep-rooted differences are unquestionably ingrained in our every-day life.

She will go by the title of ‘First Partner’ instead of ‘First Lady’!

Read more here about the Good News here. Read more about Jennifer Siebel Newsom's two films on gender roles here: Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In. They are described as follows: "The first film, released in 2011, looks at the representation of women in the media, while the second, released in 2015, examines the flip side of toxic masculinity."

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Much love,

Nadja Theodora

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