Flaxseed bread with Einkorn flour

I have been trying to make a super fast, simple & healthy bread for AGES and I now finally nailed the recipe: so this is my Einkorn flour & flax seed bread. Einkorn flour has much less gluten than most flours today and is therefore tolerable for many people and is nature’s most original and purest wheat. It is a bit pricey but worth it.

Preparation time: approx. 5 min. / baking time: approx. 1 hr

250 g organic Einkorn flour

75 g flaxseeds

1/4 liter of water

1/2 cube of fresh yeast or 1/2 package of dry yeast

1 tea spoons Himalayan salt

1 tbsp of apple vinegar

Mix everything in this order and you will get a pretty moist mixture, but do

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