Declutter your life

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Our Sisterhood Tribes platform is all about sharing. Sharing ideas, experiences, knowledge, and wisdom.

This is why we partnered up with the start-up HULA APP that elevates sharing to the next level: bartering.

If you have been wanting to give something back to the planet but don't have the money to do so, why not give away or exchange the unused stuff you have sitting at home?

Recycling is one of the most effective way to reduce the planet's waste!

Give yourself some space and declutter your life

In Ayurveda, decluttering is an important principle to create space in your mind, heart, and life. Get rid of all the things you do not need and get the things you want instead.

And once you are at it, declutter your life from people that do not elevate your energy and soul. You do not need to do this in an agressive way, just give yourself and the other person some space.

Next, declutter your mind: any repetitive negative thought that you might have righ now: identify it, acknowledge it, and take a very strong decision to let it go, watch it all day and every day and whenever it comes back, ask it to leave you in peace, eventually it will, just be as determined as you can and catch it EVERY TIME it tries to get back into your mindset to mess up your life. Negative thoughts are not helpful.

Re-invent the energy of your home in one click!

Exchange Services with Hula.

If you could exchange services with the other members of the netowork, would you? Well, now you can! Let's all download Hula in the App Store and echange our stuff we do not need!

Not enough money but in need of a new website, a haircut, a massage, or business advice? Get in touch with someone who has just what you want and give them what they need!

The Exchange of Services is the future – for your new business and your personal life!

No cash, no hassle!

Find the Bartering App Hula in the App Store

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