How Dancing has increased my self-confidence

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

I started dancing very early in my life. As a child, I danced wherever I was – on the street, in the grocery store, in front of people. I remember this feeling of joy and freedom with no restrictions and boundaries. But then puberty inundated me with insecurities and self-consciousness concerning my body and made me shy dancing in front of others.

Nonetheless, dancing had continued to be my passion and when my belly dance teacher chose me to be a part of her dance troupe, I was over the moon happy. She trained us for 2 years so we would be ready for our first performance, but I was still super scared.

The more I learned to stand up straight, to push out my chest, to walk proudly with an elevated chin, the more I learned to control my energy, my thoughts, and fears. And my jelasouy of others who were less shy. I learned to dive deep into my passion and I became determined to make this happen. I was sometimes shaking on stage and many times, I felt deeply uncomfortable, but overcoming this fear had given me access to something I had lost in the whirlwinds of my teenage years when "perfect" became a thing – my self-confidence. The most important lesson I have learned came from my first teacher, Margarete Pulver. She may not be well-known but her legacy is close to my heart.

When she started dancing, she was 45 and she opened her dance school at 50. Today, she is over 70 and still my favorite dancer.

She taught me how age and looks do not matter and how every woman of every shape and background can find her beauty within and without through this precious dance form.

This is what I love to teach.

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