How to find your "ideal" partner

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

After over a month in Europe, I am finally back in Miami, and I have to say I really hate airtravelling, having been claustrophobic all my life, I don't even know how I get myself to travel all the time LOL!!! Anyways, finally my brain and body have also arrived in Miami so I am able to write this new blog post. On love. Since I am still tired but REALLY want to share this with you, I will make it short:

Does not everyone secretly wonder how to find the "ideal" partner and possibly achieve the "happily ever after"? Of course we do! Our brain is wired to find a formula to reduce suffering, so why would it be any different when it comes to one of the most talked about topics like love? And for some reason, we seem to associate "not having a partner" with suffering ...

I kind of already had given up on finding an answer to the above question, especially after my divorce, but then, I suddenly had an epiphany. I realized that the better your partner is able to take care of him/herself, the better literally EVERYTHING else, lol. Of course with a good mix of empathy! And I agree, that there are other important things, too haha. But is not it wild how immensely important and difficult to find this is? Or is it just me?

It is such a profane insight that I cannot believe it took me almost 40 years to find it. Anyway, I thought, I should probably share.

If you have any game-changer epiphanies, please share them with us here!

Much love


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