I don't have to meet the expectations of others

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

This apparently is an Ancient Blessing dedicated to the Mexican Goddess IxChel. Please let me know if this is truly where this text originates from. I was so touched by its beauty and truth that I wanted to share it here with you:

"I freed my parents from the feeling of having failed with me. I have freed my child from the need to make me feel proud: she can write her lives by following the suggestions her hearts whisper in her ears.

I will free my partner/s past or future from the obligation to complete myself: I do not miss anything: I learn every day from all beings. I thank my grandparents and my ancestors who have met so that today I breathe life: free them from the failures of the past and from the desires that they have not fulfilled; I am aware that they did their best to resolve their situations based on their conscience at the time. I honor them, I love them and I recognize them as innocent.

I undress before your eyes, I do not hide anything nor do I owe anything to anyone: I am loyal to myself and to my existence. Walking with the wisdom of the heart, I am aware that I maintain my plan of life, free from invisible and visible family ties that can upset the peace and happiness that are my only responsibilities.

I renounce the role of "savior", I renounce being the one who meets the expectations of others.

By learning only through love, I bless my essence and my way of expressing myself, even if someone might not understand me.

I understand myself because only I have lived and experienced my story; because I know myself, I know who I am, I know what I feel, I know what I do and why I do it. I respect and approve.

I honor the divinity that exists in me and in you. We are free!"

Translated from the Nahuatl language spoken, starting from the seventh century, in the Central Region of Mexico