How Melinda Gates is finding Equality in her Relationship and at Work

I am currently reading Melinda Gates’ book “The moment of lift” (I don't get paid for saying this) and I love it so far. It is inspiring on many levels, not only does she talk about the limited access of women n the developping world to birth control for instance and the sad consequences this has for the entire society, she is also sharing her own journey of equality in her own realtionship with Bill and at work.

I know that equality can't wait. Our families' life is better with equality, our societies' life is better with equality... - Melinda Gates

What I have found particularly interesting is that she says that even though Bill and her were committed to equality, it was a process. She also talks about how important rolemodeling is for the next generation.

It is about expressing what you want towards your partner, stepping up for yourself; at home and at work.

She says that those aren't always easy conversations to ask for what you want at home and in your work life, but we all need to do that.

And if we express our needs to our partners, we do it right for society, and we role-model for other women stepping up and using their voice.

Watch her short interview on Forbes.

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