On nature, faith, little miracles & entrepreneurship

My faith is constantly tested as an entrepreneur and there are so many moments, when I am asking myself if all the seeds that I am planting are ever going to come to fruition.

I wanted to strenghten my faith, so I decided to plant some actual seeds to see if I have enough faith to water dirt that does not show a sign of life.

Within just one week, these beauties have started to grow and break through the surface.

It gives me comfort to see how a seed, dedication, love, persistance, and a consistently watered fertile ground brings wonderful and nurturing things to live.

To all my dear entrepreneurial friends and anyone else on a journey for that matter, be it raising a child or being an artist or whatever it is that is asking for persistance with no visible results at the moment:

Push through your next moment of doubts

I hope this picture will help you push through your next moment of doubts as well. Much love to everyone!

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