How your body influences your mind

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Through my dance and yoga practice, I have learned that every movement of the body sends a signal to the mind. I used to believe it was mainly the other way around. I thought that feeling happy and thinking positive thoughts will put a smile on my face. This is true, too, but it also works the other way around, and we can use this fact to our advantage.

Did you know that if you smile, your brain thinks you are happy and releases happiness hormones?

Or if you are walking proudly with an upright posture, the brain thinks you are strong, on top of everything and in a good mood? You will immediately feel a boost of strength and confidence.

Knowing this, gives you an immense power: you can steer your mind consciously through your body. Yoga is an extremely sophisticated way of doing this. Every posture has a specific influence on the mind. However, even little things like putting a smile on your face when you don’t feel like it or walking upright when you are sad (try it, it is not that easy ), will help change your mood and day!

This is also why it is worth putting on your business clothes all the way to your shoes for your business calls on Skype, Zoom, or wherever because you give your mind the signal: this is business – not like I used to do it sometimes, leaving on my pajama bottoms and combining it with a nice business top :)) !!!

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