The Secret to Happiness is Giving

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

It rang so true in my heart that we have decided to donate a small but significant amount of our time and hearts: we have decided to volunteer and bake cookies for the Halloween night at the Women's and Children's Shelter Lotus House. Lotus House is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless women, youth, and children.

"To truly feed your spirit, remember this: The secret to living is giving. No matter how busy or broke you may be, you have something to offer others." Tony Robbins

"So many people miss the opportunity to know that their life makes a difference – but it does. Your life matters – and if you align yourself to be congruent with the truth that you’re here not just to “get” but to give, then other people will feel your authenticity and they will open up to you." Tony Robbins

If you want to donate a little bit of money for things like diapers, rice, etc., click here.

Or if you want to donate some of your time, click here.

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