Women are lunar beings

My YINSPIRATION MOON LETTERS are sent out twice a month and will remind you of two important times for women:

FULL MOON: when it is time for Activity and Outward Actions and when a woman is at her strongest

NEW MOON: when it is time to Rest and plant New Seeds (in the garden and in life :))

Why? Ayurveda teaches that we as women have to connect ourselves with the moon since the lunar energy stands for the female prinicple while the sun stands for the masculine. Even our menstrual cycles are - in some way or another - in tune with the moon cycle.

Everything lunar supports our emotional, physical, and mental health.

Instead of sunbathing, try moon bathing :) - go for a nice walk in the moonshine and see how it soothes your heart and soul after a stressful day at work or at home! The cooling energy of the moon is also very good to cool down heated discussions and anger!

The YINSPIRATION LETTERS will also bring you all sorts of other inspirations, like business insights, natural home & family remedies as well as interviews with inspiring women, and healthy recipes from around the world. Sign up at the bottom of the page :).

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